Welcome to Lion's Den Karate more than just kicking and punching!

 At Lion's Den Karate, martial arts is the physical fitness medium through which our instructors teach the knowledge of  focus, respect, honor,  and self discipline.  Additionally, studying martial arts improves balance, flexibility and coordination.  It practices goal setting and increases self confidence. Best of all, these valuable life skills are packaged in a program that teaches personal defense in the physical, emotional and mental aspects of every day life.

Girl - Martial Arts

Fighting Stance - Martial Arts

Boy Kicking - Martial Arts

Lion Cubs Classes (4-6)
Information about Lion Cubs Classes

Childern (7-13)
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MAAP Program                              (Martial Arts Apprenticeship Program)  Elementary and Middle school.

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Adult's Classes (13-Up)
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Tai Chi (13-Up)
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Martial Arts Classes

Place your child in a positive environment where he or she can grow and learn. Find out more about karate for kids at Lion's Den Karate in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Tang Soo Do

Learn how to live a healthy and harmonious life with Tang Soo Do, a Korean style of martial arts perfect for connecting the mind, body, and soul.

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Who We Are

Lion's Den is located in St Augustine, Florida. Lion's Den Karate started with a dream. We wanted to create a place where children and adults could get training in the Martial Arts, not simply as a sport, but as a lifestyle choice. A place where physical training is combined with increased knowledge, focus, honor, respect, self-discipline, and self-confidence. We provide a relaxed atmosphere where we get to know our students and provide them with the right direction to reach each individual's personal goals. Our aim is to remain small and personal. We offer classes Monday through Saturday and we request that our students commit to two times per week minimum but have access to all our classes throughout the week. Come join us for a free class and see for yourself if we are the right place for you. We offer several programs: Lion Cubs ages 4 to 7 years of age, Children Classes  ages 7 to 13 years old, Adult Classes 13 and up, as well as Tai Chi for healing. We have MAAP (Martial Arts Apprenticeship Program) our own after school program, and Private lessons. We also have Kickboxing and Women's Self Defensen training. We provide classes in English, Spanish and American Sign Language.


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